Blackstone Valley Piano restores keyboards for the following instruments:


Blackstone Valley Piano, part of a consortium of rebuilders, is nationally recognized as keyboard restoration and fabrication specialists. Services include high quality application of ivory, bone and plastic tops, fronts and sharps. Restoration of original ivory, bone and ebony key coverings to like new appearance is also provided. We offer extensive and in-depth keystick repair, and if needed, a new keyboard and keyframe can be made for you.

Church organ keyboard
New manual keyboard and frame
Church organ keyboard, ivory naturals, rosewood sharps
New ivory put on a manual keyboard
Church organ keyboard, ivory naturals, ebony sharps
Restored ivory on a manual keyboard

View our services page for a complete listing or visit our slideshows page for tours of some of the many services we offer. There are many things to consider when restoring a vintage instrument. These considerations will enable us to work with the client, and to determine the best way of maintaining the instruments authenticity or making some desired modernizations.

piano keytops ivory restoration
Restored original ivory and ebony
piano keytops new ivory
New (Pre-Ban) ivory tops and fronts
mineral plastic piano keytops
New mineral plastic tops and fronts

The keyboard is a major focal point and is the player’s interactive medium with the instrument; it is also the foundation of a well functioning action. Playability, and even tone, depend on consistent, efficient, and appropriate transfer of energy through the keys.

candling ivory for piano keytops
Candle the ivory
jointing ivory piano keytops
Jointing the heads and tails
planing ivory piano keytops
Planing the tops

Piano and Organ restorations that offer such features as a refinished case or extensive work on soundboard, strings, pinblock, action parts, and damper systems should not overlook worn keytops, distorted balance holes, loose bushings, broken buttons, or corroded key pins. We provide our restoration and repair techniques with a combination of knowledge and experience coupled with state of the art milling machines and original Pratt & Read factory tooling.

piano key mortise inserts
New mortise inserts
custom angle piano key buttons
Custom angled buttons
custom offset piano key buttons
Custom buttons with different off-set

Making music is an art form, a passion and career for many, playing on worn or distorted keys is discouraging to the student and disruptive to the accomplished. Many instrument builders and rebuilders have found that a high quality keyboard is a value added option in moving their product.

yellow and red colored piano keytops
Custom colors, red and yellow naturals
black naturals colored piano keytops
Custom color, black naturals
kaleidoscope naturals colored piano keytops
Custom, kaleidoscopic design


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