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After a long search, I finally found my dream piano, a refurbished 1940 Steinway 'D'. It had one glaring deficiency: the keytops and sharps had been replaced with plastic. My technician told me that, for ivory restoration, Mike Morvan of Blackstone Valley Piano was the best in the business. Another highly-respected technician seconded his opinion without reservation, telling me he wouldn't think of sending a keyboard to anyone else.

Not only did Mike do a beautiful job of installing the ivory tops and ebony sharps, he did a meticulous job of resquaring, rebushing, and aligning the keyboard. The end result is beautiful to look at, and more importantly, it plays like a dream. The balance, evenness, and tactile response are evidence of attention to detail to the most exacting tolerance.

Mike, thanks again for exceeding my expectations in every way!

Jeremy Cook
Newtown, Connecticut

Mike Morvan, whom I’ve worked with for the better part of ten years, is the hardest working person I know. Dependable, focused, ingenious, and industrious, he does the proper job.

Mike’s tolerances when milling, shaping, and fitting are virtually perfection. I entrust every aspect of keys and keyframe with his company, knowing that he will produce a standard that exceeds my expectations.

Concord Piano is my action rebuilding and piano service company located in Littleton, MA. The website puts under one e-roof and promotes a collaborative piano rebuilding team, of which Mike is an important member.

Endorsement, Christopher Brown, RPT
Boston Chapter, Concord Piano LLC,

Blackstone Valley Piano has been doing keyboards for my piano shop for many years. Mr. Morvan has acquired the tools and expertise from the old retiring masters and combined those elements with the best of modern machinery, the highest quality materials and an obsessive attention to detail. Try his work. I think you will be very pleased.

Geoffrey Searles
Apollo Piano Company

Mike made my dreams come true. I had been saving and hoping for years that by my piano's 100th anniversary I could restore the keys to ivory. My great aunt bought my grandmother a Mason & Hamlin baby grand in 1907, and paid her a penny a day to practice. Then when I was a little girl, in the late 50's. I remember practicing on the silky ivory keys. My mother had the piano refinished and the ivory replaced with plastic. I have always wanted to have the ivory keys again. After much research, I found Mike Morvan and entrusted him with the project. His work is precise and exact. The keys are all I had hoped for and more. It was well worth the wait while the work was being done, and worth every penny saved. Mike even put up with my calling to check how things were going. He understood that the keys were "my baby". If you have dreamed of having ivory keys, Mike is the man to do the job. Thank you so very much.

Mary Gail - Wasilla, Alaska

Over the years I've had Mike do many, many sets of keys for me. He always strives to add new processes that will make for a more professional and long lasting key job. And he always listens to my sometimes fanatical ideas about how things should be done. When I want a set of keys done right, I send them to Blackstone Valley Piano.

Charlie the Tuner
Curator, The Piano Museum
10 Oakhurst Road
Hopkinton, MA 01748


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