Blackstone Valley Piano restores keyboards for the following instruments:

Packing and Shipping Information

Blackstone Valley Piano requires the keys and keyframe for all key recovering and most major restorations/repairs. Proper packaging of your keys and keyframe will help ensure that they are not damaged during shipping.

We can provide you with a container for shipping your keys or keyframe separately or for shipping your keys and keyframe together, depending on your needs. We can also arrange to have your packages picked up, delivered to us and returned to you at no additional cost. Call ahead and we'll make the arrangements.

Mail packages to:

Blackstone Valley Piano
c/o Michael Morvan
76 Sutton Street
Uxbridge, Massachusetts 01569

(508) 340-6443 (U.S. Eastern Standard Time)

Recommendations and options

  • Insurance for replacement value
  • Tracking number
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Call ahead and let us know if you ship a package so we know to look out for it. I have had carriers leave packages in the rain, snow and burning sun on many occasions.




Shipping your keyboard

We've repaired too many keyframes and individual keys not to appreciate the need for well-built, custom-designed, custom-made cases for our clients.

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