Blackstone Valley Piano restores keyboards for the following instruments:

Keyboard Fabrication

  • New keys manufactured using existing keyframe, with new balance rail and front rail inlays.
  • New keys manufactured with a new keyframe.
  • Balance rail replacement, front rail replacement and front rail inlays.
  • Individual key replacement.
  • A new keyboard can be manufactured by duplicating the original keys and keyframe.
  • A new keyboard can be manufactured to your specifications using a drawing or CAD file.
  • New keyboards and keyframes are CNC machined to the highest degree of accuracy.
  • New keys can be made from flatsawn sugarpine, flatsawn basswood or quartersawn white spruce.
  • New keyframe material can match original keyframe material or as specified by client.
  • Bushings are installed by hand using hot hide glue.

New manual keyboard

Key Covers

For The Naturals

  • New Ivory (Pre-Ban) 1 or 2 piece tops
  • Ancient Wooly Mammoth Ivory
  • Mineral Plastic, available in white, off-white and crème colors
  • Acrylic Plastic, available in white or off-white colors
  • Custom color, we offer a palette of 39 custom colors. SEE OUR CUSTOM COLORS
For The Sharps
  • Genuine Ebony
  • Plastic
  • Other. Different species of wood such as Rosewood can be used by request.







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