Blackstone Valley Piano restores keyboards for the following instruments:


Blackstone Valley Piano is part of a consortium of rebuilders mutually assembled to offer clients the highest quality piano restoration. This process utilizes professionals at the top of their field. Advantages of separate facilities set up specifically for our specialties and a history of working in close collaboration initiated our team approach. This approach on behalf of each customer is matter of fact and professional. Whatever your piano needs, our consortium will help you find solutions.

This collaborative approach to piano rebuilding includes the following rebuilders:

Jude Reveley, RPT of Absolute Piano Restorations does our belly work: soundboards, pinblocks, bridges, and stringing.

Chris Brown of Concord Piano, LLC, does the action work. Attributes that he brings to his work include attention to detail, facility with optimizing and balancing complicated geometric and physical components, consistent implementation of patience, and insistence on achieving right results.

Kevin Desano of KD Maggio Custom Refinishing is our case, soundboard, and plate refinisher.

Mike Morvan covers the key work. His company Blackstone Valley Piano does the best ivory, bone, and plastic recovering in the business. Balance holes, buttons, backchecks, keystick repairs and resizing, new key pins, and custom solutions are strengths.

Rob Bushell, proprietor of Bushell Piano Movers, provides the moving. On-time, cheerful, and professional, they are the quickest, the most experienced, and the most careful piano movers anywhere.

Finally, Chris Brown organizes the jobs and provides the warranty. He also offers in-home tuning and repair services, consultations and appraisals, installation of Dampp-chaser humidity control systems, and help buying and selling pianos.



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