Blackstone Valley Piano restores keyboards for the following instruments:


Michael Morvan
Owner/Director of Operations

Mike Morvan (an associate member of the Boston Chapter of the Piano Technicians' Guild) has applied machinist skills to the nearly lost art of key covering, and he employs nearly forgotten techniques and procedures once standard in key manufacturing. His plastic and his ivory keyboards are the best in the business. In addition to PTG, Mike is a member of AMICA, Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors' Association.

He has solved the challenges of unusable balance holes, over-sanded keys, and keys ravaged by amateur repairs. To the expected list of key services he adds such specialty extras as leather key bushings and custom buttons. He is master of the Bridgeport milling machine and inventor of jigs that produce exact and elegant results. He also is heir to Frank Stopa's Pratt-Read jigs, fixtures, and mentoring guidance.








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